WLV Sport Scholarship

The University of Wolverhampton Sport Scholarship Programme offers performance packages for elite athletes, aspiring coaches, match officials and leaders.

Across the four programmes our performance services enable our student athletes to maximise their potential as a dual-career scholar in their sport whilst studying for their undergraduate or postgraduate degree. 


WLV Sport Scholarship

WLV Sport Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis with priority given to individual’s whose sport features within the British University and Colleges Sport programme, regional or national competition and the potential for elite/international level performance.

To be eligible for a sport scholarship:

  • Compete at a regional, national or international standard in your sport (Athlete Scholarship_
  • Be committed to working towards or hold a Level 1/Level 2 match official qualification or equivalent in your chosen sport (Match Official Scholarship)
  • Be committed to working towards or hold a Level 1/Level 2 coaching qualification in your chosen sport (Coach Scholarship)
  • Be a WLV Sport Activator on the Let's Move Wolves Programme (Leadership Scholarship)
  • Be enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at University of Wolverhampton

The Scholarship Scheme is reviewed annually although the Panel reserves the right to make changes and / or amendments at any time. The Panel also reserves the right to withdraw a Scholarship offer at any time.

Deadline for applications will be the 6th of October 2023

To apply for a WLV Sport Scholarship in 2022 please fill out the application form below;

Contact sportsscholarships@extrawheelusa.com or 01902 518900.

Postgraduate Sport bursaries

Postgraduate Sport bursaries

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