Mandatory Training

Here you will find everything you need to know about Mandatory Training

Introduction To Mandatory Training

The University of Wolverhampton has a requirement for all staff to complete all 8 mandatory eLearning modules, the reasons for this is to ensure staff are compliant with Health and Safety Regulations, Data protection laws and Equality and Diversity

If you are part of the neurodiversity community and unable to complete the traditional method of the mandatory elearning
then please contact and we can discuss a more suitable method to complete your mandatory eLearning

For further Learning & Development opportunities, please see our Learning & Development Catalogue

All staff must complete the following online training:

  • Bribery Act (Every 2 years)
  • GDPR (Every Year)
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (Every 2 years)
  • Fire Safety Awareness (Every Year)
  • Information Security Smart (Every 2 years)
  • Unconscious Bias (Every 2 years)
  • Safeguarding Awareness (Every Year)
  • PREVENT (Every Year)

For more information on the above courses, visit our New Starters section.

one centrally organised session which you need to attend in addition to the mandatory training detailed above for all staff. This is:

  • The Essentials of the Classroom

For more information on all of our mandatory courses visit our New Starters section.

Our mandatory training aims to help new managers to manage teams effectively and efficiently and to equip them with tools and techniques which allow them to overcome the initial challenges which often arise as a manager. These workshops sit within the ‘Mandatory Management Skills for New Managers’ and are:

  • An introduction to management
  • Effective MyDPD’s
  • Recruitment, selection and interviewing skills
  • An introduction to performance management
  • Mind The Gap

Introduction to the E-Learning Portal

The University has an E-Learning Portal were all mandatory training courses are housed. Access to this can be found via this webpage and links received via email which are Automated if you’re training log is close to or in fact out of date. As a new or existing member of staff it is mandatory to complete all the training outlined above and to ensure that your E-Learning mandatory courses are retaken every 1 or 2 years (please refer to each module to confirm compliance frame) to ensure full compliance with any new laws and regulations.

click on the + to open up each area to see more information

* Please note: If you are experiencing issues logging in from a University Laptop off-campus, please use either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Logging into the Portal

The eLearning portal uses Single Sign On (SSO); therefore when you click on Login, whilst logged on to a University computer you will be taken straight to the portal dashboard.

If you are logging in off-campus, or on a non-university machine you will be asked to enter your IT Account username and password.

Completed courses

From the portal dashboard, click on the Completed Courses button to find your previously completed courses.

How to Enrol on a Course

  1. To Enrol on a new course, first select Catalogue (from the top left dropdown) to view the courses available.
  2. Find the relevant course in the list, use the Search function or filter by category.
  3. You can view course details either by clicking on the course name or Read More.
  4. When ready click on the Enrol button, next to your chosen course.


How to Navigate a Course

Forward/Back arrows: Press on the Forward and Back arrows (bottom right corner) to move through the course one screen at a time. The screen progress indicator between these arrows shows where you are within the overall course.‌

Menu button: Pressing the Menu button (bottom left corner) opens up a list of all of the screens in the course. Pressing on a screen title in the list allows you to jump straight to the specific screen you want. Once the list has appeared, you need to click the Menu button again to make it go away.

Resources button: Pressing the Resources button (bottom left corner) opens up a list of documents you may wish to download or print for future reference.

Interaction buttons: There will often be buttons within the learning content area on each screen (e.g. MORE or SUBMIT). Press on these to move through a series of slides, explore hotspots on an interactive diagram, or answer questions.

Hyperlinks: At some points in the course there may be hyperlinks to external resources. Pressing on these opens a new window in your browser which you must close or minimise to return to the main course.

Closing a Course

You must click on the close button in the top right of the course screen, in order to save your progress.

User Guide on how to complete your E-learning

The user guide demonstrates how to Enrol onto courses

Please do not re-launch a course if you're completing your E-learning again after 2 years (GDPR 1 year) - you will need to re-enrol

User Guide to the eLearning Portal (Word doc 382k)


When will my Agresso staff training record be updated?

     As long as you have passed the course, then your Agresso record will be updated at the end of each month.

How often will I have to undertake the Mandatory training?

     The frequency will be stated on the relevant web page. E.g. for Diversity it is every 2 years and GDPR ever 1 year

I am experiencing issues logging in or accessing the courses with Internet Explorer?

     Try an alternative web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I have failed the end of module quiz - can I re-take?

     Yes. You will find that the course has now moved to the Completed Courses area on your dashboard.

Do I need to re-enrol in order to re-take and pass the end of module quiz?


I have completed the eLearning module, but my new score hasn’t been updated – what do I do?

The reason you are experiencing this is because you are attempting to retake the course you have previously passed which has a score locked to it and is now expired.  To avoid this, you must enrol onto the course from the catalogue again and then retake.