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Russia’s Challenge – A Declining Power’s Quest for Status

  • When? 23 March 2023 , 18:00
  • Where? Online, Zoom

The School of Social Science and Humanities invites everyone interested to the series of online public lectures on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speakers will harness insights from International Relations theory to better understand the implications of Russia’s war in Ukraine for international order at large and discuss how China reacts to it. Join us online for lectures and lively discussions on 23 March and 28 March at 18:00.

23 March 2023, 18:00

Russia’s Challenge – A Declining Power’s Quest for Status

Andrej Krickovic

Since 2014, Russia has emerged as the most assertive challenger to the US-led international order. With its annexation of Crimea, intervention in Syria, meddling in Western elections, and 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Western leaders see Russia as the most pressing threat to global peace and stability. Its war in Ukraine has shaken international politics to its foundations and could be a decisive turning point in world politics. Russia not only presents a challenge to US leadership and the liberal international order, it is also challenges International Relations (IR) theories, which have traditionally focused on rising powers as the most likely candidates to challenge existing hegemonic orders, ignoring the role that declining great powers (such as Russia or Austria-Hungary) play in power transitions. Russia’s assertive and aggressive international behavior is motivated and shaped by its status concerns as a declining power. Russia’s leaders are determined to arrest Russia’s decline and preserve its status as a great power in the international system and are prepared to adopt the most risky, aggressive, and destabilizing foreign policies to achieve this end.

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Andrej Krickovic is Associate Professor of International Relations at the HSE University, in Moscow. His primary areas of research are IR Theory and International Security with an empirical emphasis on Russian and Chinese Foreign Policy. His articles have been published in leading journals such as International Studies Review, The Chinese Journal of International Relations, International Politics, and Post-Soviet Affairs.

These lectures are organised by the School of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Wolverhampton. The School offers students various opportunities to study a wide range of important topics shaping the future of our world today. Our programmes in PoliticsInternational Relations, and War Studies explore not only the ways in which politicians, parties, organisations and institutions interact in their attempts to solve international problems, but also what role we as citizens in a globalised world may play in tackling these issues.